Virgin Brazilian Yaki Straight 4X4inches Lace Closure Natural Color Affordable Hair [BLC04]

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 Hair Type 100% Brazilian Virgin Hair
 Hair Color  Natural Color
 Hair Texture  Yaki Straight
 Hair Density  120%
 Image Hair Length  12in
 Baby Hair  Yes
 Lace Color  Brown (fit for light and meidum brown skin)
 Hairline  Pre-Plucked Hairline





Hair Type: 100% Virgin Brazilian Hair
Hair Style: Yaki Straight
Imgae Color: Natural Color
Pack:1pcs hair Closure
Image Length:12inches
Shipping Method: Free shipping by e-Packet (15-20 working days), Or Extra $19 with Fast Shipping by DHL,Fedex,UPS(2-5working days)
Quality: No shedding, no tangle, no lices,good quality hair



Why choose Closure?

1.Closure are extremely versatile and allow you to protect ALL your Hair. For our closure, we have lace closure and silk base closure.
Lace Closures: They are very realistic and provide excellent results, It is made from slight transparent lace material.
Silk Base Closures: they have a layer of silk in the base, which makes any parting look very natural. This closure can gives a natural looking root ofthe hair shafft throughout the closure, So you can put a parting almost anywhere and it looks realistic.

lace closure and silk base closure


2.One closure come with Free Part, Middle Part, Three Part.
Free Part closure: There is no parting line on it, you can part it anywhere.
Middle Part closure: They comes with a parting in the center. But it also can be arranged by yourself to go anywhere, in the center or on either side to provide a parted look to your hairstyle.
Three Part closure: they are one of best sellers, unique and created by our very own founder. This closure allows you the versatility of changing parting at any time with ease. Middle, left and right parting all at your convenience on a closure.

free part,middle part,three part closure


3.Closure size come with 4x4 inches and 5x5 inches in stock, if you want other size, you can contact with [email protected], we will make customized size for you:)

closure size



hair test

Full Head Need Gudiance


Hair length Guide

How to measure the length


How to measure the hair length

Please Note:
If you are ordering a curly wig, the hair length can be drawn up approximately 3-4" from the curl depending on how tight it is.For waves, it can draw up approximately 2-3". Therefore, you may wish to order a little longer for curly or wavy textures to accommodate the drawing up of the hair and to achieve the full length desired.

Hair Care and Tips


 how to deep condition your hair


Conditioning your hair is an important step in any hair care regimen, We suggest you deep condition your hair once a week. Hopefully you will find this tips helpful, and if you know a good tip to keep you hair looking fresh, Pls tell us :)

1. You need a wide tooth comb before start, Saturate hair in lukewarm water. Once the hair is completely wet ,you can comb hair under water,make sure the hair tangle free.
2. Wash your hair normally with shampoo of your choice. You don’t need a lot of shampoo, just a dime size amount should be enough. Then Rinse shampoo out of hair.
3. After rinsing the hair, Squeeeze any excess water out and towel dry hair, then going to apply  the conditioner. You don’t need to add conditioner directly to the roots of the hair, this weighs the hair down if not washed out completely.
4. Place the hair in the zip lock bag.  you can add about 5 tablespoons of water to the zip lock bag. just enough to have some moisture in the bag. Then put bag in the micro-wave on bottom shelf for 1 minute. then remove and let sit in closed bag for 10-20 mins until cool.
5. Once cool, remove the hair and rinse your hair with lukewarm water, don’t use cold water! Be sure remise the hair throughly, leftover residue can cause tangles and matting. Rinse the hair until the water runs clear
6. Put the hair on the dry towel and roll up the towel, it can help to make the hair dry fast. Once the hair has been dried, put some olive oil on it , make the hair keep soft and not too dry.

What you’ll need:   
A large zip lock bag (you can use a plastic container instead )  
Shampoo & Conditioner of your choice  Water  
Extra Virgin Olive Oil  Microwave  Towel, blanket, or sheet   

Feel free to create a effective way to style your hair care routine, but remember to follow hair care principles, or you will damage your hair.

hair care tips

1. It is very important to seal knots for lace wig & lace closure or seal wefts for bundles, It can protect your hair from shedding, We suggest you seal the hair before use it and after every hair shampoo. Here we suggest TDI knots sealer and Walker Top-Loc Knots Sealer.
2. We strongly recommend not to dye the hair by yourself since the hair dye chemical will damage the hair cuticle, make the hair easy tangle and shedding. We are not responsible for any hair problem caused during dying.
3. Please use some hair care spray such as TRESemmeHEATDEFENCE if you need to style the hair by straighten or curl it.
4. We suggest you make the bundles into wig if you didn’t purchased wigs, and take off it when you sleeping or swimming. If you sleep with it, the hair will easy massed & tangle; The hair will be tangle and hard to comb after you swimming on the pool or the ocean.
5.Natural curly hair are deemed to be fun and flirty with a dose of romance and spontaneity on the character. But curly hair can be especially difficult to take care of and hard to manage, because the curl shape must be maintained for the hair to retain most of its original look. And it is easy to be tangled and frizzy than straight hair .It is normal that the curl shape will be loose after several wash, So learning to take care of your curly hair can save you a lot of money.

Detangle curly hair
Put some spary on the hair, then use a wide-toothed comb to very gently get any tangles out, starting at the tip of the hair and working slowly upwards. hair with tight curls generally should not be combed at all, because this can break apart the curls. Once the curls have been separated, it can be impossible to restyle them as they were. Some hair can be gently detangled with your fingers. (please avoid using hair dryers which will make your hair frizzy and damage it).

Deep  condition curly hair
Suggest to wash your curly hair on a mannequin head ,This gives you complete control over the procedure. Use shampoo and conditioners that are specially designed for curly hair. Try not to wash too frequently as it may strip the hair of its moisture and bring about frizziness. Once a week is fine, Detangle your hair after each wash, Avoid towel drying curly hair. After wash, put some oil on it, it can keep the hair moisturized and soft.

Styling curly hair
* Know your hair curl shape is important ,Shape the hair by scrunching it some more and twirling pieces around a finger.
* Tie your hair at night with a silk scarf. Braid or plait hair in separate sections to avoid any tangling during your sleep.
* Not straighten curly hair as much as possible. It may cause hair problems like shedding and tangle.
* When the hair is dry, you can separate curls with your fingers for a fuller look.

Recommend products for curly hair
Never use products with mineral oils on your curly hair, The products below are excellent for curly units, and are also well priced and can be found in drug stores, beauty supply shops and on line.
A.Comb:Ouidad Wide Tooth Comb or Pettine Afro metallo Comb
B.Shampoo : DevaCurl No-Poo Condition Cleanser.
C.Conditioner:Kinky-Curly Knot Today Leave-In Conditioner
D.Curly Sexy Hair Curling Detangler
E. Organix coconut oil
F.Ouidad Climate Control Gel





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  1. i will buy again recently


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    The hair came in 8 days. The communication was very good and Jennifer answered all my questions. The hair is very soft. Very pleased with everything and can't wait to install ! Very good price also for 12 inches. will be back to buy again!
  2. Professional customer service


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    The hair it's self is soooo soft!!! the customer service was GREAT!! Everything was so professional!!! I haven't installed yet, but so far so good from the looks and feel of things. Will leave further feedback upon install!!! Thanks sooo much!!
  3. awesome!


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    Just cannot believe this closure is soooo good!..closure density is great. High quality lace. Top quality hair. Very soft no shedding at all. Communcations great
  4. Love this closure


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    I really love this closure, but the only thing was I should be order the three part closure, choose a wrong closure option. Their manager stayed in constant communication with me throughout the process and was very friendly. I will order another three part closure tomorrow. Thank you so much!

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