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Hello Beauties, thank you so much for your time to stop by and choose us.This is OMGQUEEN Hair company.
We believe that every girl deserves a chance to be the QUEEN in her own life!
We are always here ---- to help making you Gorgeous, Confident and Sexy!
We focus on providing you our finest products and best customer service!
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❤️ Our Story ❤️


Eva has operated a hair products factory which runs the highest quality-control system and chases the latest fashion trend for over 6 years. Since her young age, Eva has always been enthusiastic about the female hair fashion, which has brought her endless happiness.

Once, Eva went to America for a trip, she accidentally walked into a hair salon with her American friend. Surprisingly, she found out that the hair products in this salon were incredibly expensive, compared with the same level products from her own factory.

When Eva intended to leave the salon, she noticed that a pretty girl picked up a wig and told the clerk: ‘I love this one so much. I’d like to wear it to a huge party, but it is beyond my budget. Could you please help me find out a cheaper one?’ Oh, yes, that’s what I’ve concerned, each girl deserves the equal chance to become the QUEEN whenever and wherever. Money shouldn’t be the reason to prevent this dream becomes true!

After Eva came back, she finally made a decision: to sell her products online, which with the highest quality and much lower price.

Eva has a dream: to help every female become the focus in their own life; to help every female be Gorgeous, Confident & Sexy!


                         ❤️ Why OMGQUEEN Hair ❤️


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1. High Quality

OMGQUEEN Hair are all made from 100% Virgin Human Hair. 
It is extremely luxurious and very soft with a lot of body and 
natural shine. Its softness, durability and thickness give you 
the most natural appearance.


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2. Harmless

OMGQUEEN Hair are all made by healthy hair, Each selection 
has been collected from one donor. So it is quite safe to wear and 
absolutely harmless for your skin. 


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3. Amazing Price

OMGQUEEN Hair, which are all made by high quality human hair, is 
all from our own factory, there’s no retailer between You and Us.  
This means we could offer you much lower price which is quite affordable.

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4. Different Hairstyles

OMGQUEEN has enormous number of different hairstyles. Our stylists 
keep trending every important Fashion Shows all around world. These
shows offer our stylists endless inspiration and creative enthusiasm.
We can always offer you our fashion and unique hairstyles.


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5. Fast Shipping Worldwide


OMGQUEEN can fast ship stock orders to worldwide within 5 days by 
DHL,Fedex, UPS. For our speical offer, we will do all free shipping 
worldwide. We always try our best to make your orders reach your hands
as soon as possible, wherever you are!


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6. Professional Customer Service

OMGQUEEN regards the customer feelings as our crucial 
effort direction. We are always willing to offer our best services.
If you have any dissatisfaction to any product or our staff, please contact us
We will give you a satisfied solution as soon as possible.


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