Reward Points

   Upon joining OMGQUEEN Reward Points program ,you need to log in your account firstly,All points will be added to your account.If you don't have an account ,please register one.Spend $1 for your order on our website, you will get back 0.05 points.1 point equal to $1 ,So if you spend $20 for your order,you can save $1 for your next purchase.

Reward points


1.How to get reward points ?

A.Reward points from Purchased.
Any completed order from can get related points ,the system will be add points automatically.So make
sure you have logged in before you purchase it .
B.Reward points from Featured on our Instagram.
Post your beautiful pictures on your Instagram or other social channel media and @omgqueenhair,#omgqueenhair.we
will add 2-5 points (equal $5-$10) depending on the pictures quality to your account.If your pics are really good,we will
make it feature on our Instagram and add 5 points (equal $5) to you.
C.Reward points from Posted pictures on website.
Login in your account first, then add your amazing pictures which you rock our hair on our website,We will add 2-5 points
(equal $2-$5) to your account which depend on your pictures quality.
D.Reward points from posted Videos.
Post your great video which you rock our hair on Youtube or our website,We will add 2-8 points (equal $2-$8) to your acc-
ount which depend on your video quality.
E Reward points from Text Reviews.
Add text reviews on our wesbsite for your completed order ,we will add 1-5 points (equal $1-$5) to your account.


2.How to spend points?

You need to log in your account before you use it .You can cash out your Points just before your order is completed 
(After you add item to shopping cart,you will see where to spend points, by checking the box before choose your 
payment method if you have any available points ),Please note you only can spend at most 4 points in one order.


3.Do points expire?

The points you have collected through the omgqueen's Rewards Point Program are valid for one year from the date 
when you collected them.

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