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@tha_12thday_virgo Hair Tips

Tips: 1. I always wash my hair in warm water. (This is more gentle on the hair than cold water) 2. When ever i have my bundle in i always sleep with a silk tie head or head wrap (This keeps in moisture... keeps your frontal laid too) 3. After washing i air dry my weave or wig (This allows it to dry in its natural state taking it back to its natural curl etc.) 4. I try to use less heat as possible (I prefer flexi rods as the curls last longer and are tighter)

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@jayy.tree Hair Tips

Proud moment. I started making my own hair whips and my hair has never been more moisturized and my twist outs have never been more defined. Hydration/Moisturizing is key before ANY style. I just google recipe or watch other naturalist make theirs..For most of mine the base oils/butters are most likely the same but as for the pure essential oils I add whichever that’ll help my hair/scalp need. (I added rosemary, peppermint, & tea tree eo’s in this particular one tho.)

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@darkskinnbeauty84 Hair Tips

1. Always maintain hair with a proper moisturizer. (Curly or Straight) 2. Make sure your natural hair is laid down flat. I think the best way is straight back cornrows) Don't want to be having lumps and roadblocks while trying to slay some hair. 3. Always use proper securement. Combs, bobby pins, straps,elastic band and glue/gel. 4. When not in use please store in a proper place. Don't just throw her around like some raggdoll. 5. Trying to make make Baby hairs? always cut long first because if you cut to short then it might be a problem this why I say start long and see where your at to know how much you want to cut. Can't go back after cutting to much.

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@v.xiii.mmi Hair Tips

1.when plucking a frontal, 360 frontal, or even a closure I suggest that you DO NOT pluck in one particular area for more than 15 seconds as it makes it easier for you to create a bald spot or even rip the lace of the unit. 2. When dealing with a unit (curly, wavy, or even straight hair) always start detangling from the ends of the hair and work your way up to reduce shedding and damage. 3. After you bleach the knots or even the hair on a unit, make sure you follow up with a deep conditioning treatment. If you plan to flat iron the hair, make sure you use a heat protectant spray/serum to protect the integrity of the hair. You should always treat your unit as if it was growing out your own scalp!

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@plutochow Hair Tips

Tips on how to maintain your lace front/frontal: *For curly units make sure you shampoo and condition hair in a downward motion (to prevent frizz) *Also using an acv rinse (Apple cider vinegar rinse) will cleanse the hair without drying the hair out. (●Mix water,a little shampoo, and acv ) This is good for removing product build up!! *Frontal Application: (I use the got 2b glue method) *Before I apply the gel on my hairline I like to wash my face. *use a toner and focus on the skin near the hairline. This will allow the gel to have a dry even base. It will get tacky and allow the lace to lay flat.

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@tynearaaa Hair Tips

Hair Tips: When you wrap your hair at night, don’t do it in the same direction every time, as it can eventually lead to breakage. Try transitioning the direction you wrap it in daily.. Cowash daily! shampoo strips your hair of its naturals oils and can cause dryness. And when you do shampoo, try do a pre-shampoo treatment with oils ! The less you bother your hair, the better. Try protective styles where your ends are tucked away, moisture is locked in and you don’t need much manipulation to your hair.

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@kitar1 Hair Tips

I love this curly unit I use a small amount of Bella Curls coconut curl defining creme and a small amount of water and after washing and conditioning it I always let air dry 

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@craveeejayy Hair Tips

Hello everyone, me being a future cosmetologist I know that everyone wants healthy hair. The key to having healthy hair is to always keep your hair HYDRATED and also another thing to keep your ends trimmed at least every 6 weeks. When you are wearing a weave or even a wig make sure that you keep your hair moisturized and clean. After you take your weave out you should wait approximately 1week before putting in a new weave to not have breakage. I hope everyone enjoy my tips!

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@vibewith.nyyy Hair Tips

When wearing weave/wigs always add some type of oil such as argon oil, magnolia oil, etc never just use water on your hair because over time you will eventually dry the hair out and it will start to break off, I use organic coconut oil to make my hair really soft really bouncy and very shiny

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@juicyshaycant Hair Tips

Hair Tips :Oil/moisturize scalp and lightly the hair at night to keep hair looking fresh. My scalp gets extra dry so grease works better for me.

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