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@omgqueenhair Hair Tips

Wig caps are by far one of the best tools to have if you plan on sporting your wig. These nylon caps secure the natural hair so the wig can sit properly on top. 

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@yess_im_beaitiful Hair Tips

My tips on protecting my hair are ..... ALWAYS keeping your hair moisturized . When you moisturize your hair your keeping it from drying out and breaking off.

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@blacjewel1985 Hair Tips

I use @kaleidoscopehairproducts to highlight my hair to bring my personality front and center

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@lyndsey832 Hair Tips

Hair Tips: to maintain our hair as naturally as possible, we should apply water on it before sleeping and braiding our hair in the morning they will be like new

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@toobeautifullll Hair Tips

When ever I wear wigs or even get a see in I always make sure i wash the hair and condition it. I make sure my scalp is oiled so its not dry and dosent break off any of my hair. Its always good to keep your extensions conditioned so it dosent dry out the hair or cause shedding

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@itsprettyniquee Hair Tips

tips on caring for your bundles you want to treat it has if it was your actual hair. Before installing you should want to cowash it because you never know what might be in the hair/wefts. Let your hair air dry. You want to try to use as less heat as possible. Using to much heat can damage the hair and will not function right nor look the way you desire. Remember you want to treat the hair as if it was your own!

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@shidakira28 Hair Tips

[email protected] wearing wigs: braid your hair down to lay it flat and lay edges down with edge control to blend hair

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