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Hot 180% Density 360 Frontal Wig Virgin Brazilian Body Wave Good Quality Affordable Wig [BTW02]

Product Review (submitted on December 19, 2019):
Unbeatable wig for the price. It came quite flat, but once I washed it, it had more volume. I have alopecia, so I like that this wig covers the bald spots in front of my ears, along the hairline (many wigs don't have the ear tab area). If you're fair-skinned, get the "white" lace! It isn't pure white, but it's lighter than "light brown", which was too dark for my skin. Even piling makeup on the lace didn't help enough. Very comfortable wig. You may be able to wear this without glue, if you wear a velvet grip underneath! I'd recommend using products WITHOUT silicones. I made that mistake and it became dry and frizzy until I stopped. It still lasted me a solid 8 months, and could've gone more, but I bought a new one from OMGQUEEN with white lace for myself. One concern I had with this wig - and it could be because of the hair glue I was using - is that the frontal area may develop tiny bald spots if you're not gentle. Always be gentle.