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Program Details
Conversation Action  
                   Qualified Sales With Processed Valid Payment      
Base Referral Commission      
                   4%  Per Sale   
Payment Methods 



    What is the OmgQueen Affiliate Program?

The OMGQueen Affiliate Program allows you to place links to our products on your website,your social media page,email
signatures and other internet resources through the use of professionally designed banners, buttons and your Customized
Affiliate Link. People visiting your website or using your Customized Affiliate Link will have the opportunity to purchase
OMGQueen products through these links. As products are purchased by your visitors through our website, we pay you a
commission for each sale.            


  Why should I join the OMGQueen Affiliate Program?

There are many reasons to join. Becoming a OMGQueen Affiliate is FREE, and you will have the opportunity to increase your
revenue potential with very little effort. There are NO monthly website hosting fees for the use of the OMGQueen Customized
Affiliate Link. As a OMGQueen Affiliate, you can add value to the content of your own website. OMGQueen will process all
customer orders and payments.    


 Can I join if I do not have a personal website?

Absolutely! You can share your OMGQueen Customized Affiliate Link with potential customers through your social media
pages such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogger, etc. You can also add your Customized Affiliate Link to emails.


  How does the OMGQueen Affiliate Program work?

Our Affiliate Program allows you to earn money by referring customers to our website through your Customized Affiliate Link.
We provide you with referral links to post on your website or social channel ,and every time you refer a customer makes a
purchase, you earn a 4% commission. You can directly go to the Affiliate Program section of "My Account" and see it.


  How and when i can get paid ?

You can login your OMGQueen account and find “Affiliate Program ”,you will see how much you can get ,Please note that our
tracking cookie is one-time-use only, so whether the customer is new or repeat, only one transaction they submit upon an
affiliate referral will be eligible for commission.Long cookie duration: 1 year.We pay your commissions on a month-in-arrears
basis. We reserve the right to delay sending payment for one month.
(Commission:Commissions shall be paid on Actual Payment for Qualifying Transactions.excluding any amounts paid for sales
taxes, duties, shipping and handling, or similar fees.OMGQUEEN will not pay commissions on cancelled orders or full refunded
orders. For partly refunds or Exchanges, commissions will be adjusted downwards according to the final sales amount.
OMGQUEEN will not pay commission on orders placed by affiliates themselves.)